Do you need photos for your business, instagram or website, informal portrait photoshoot, or a story of your day with beloved or friends? Please continue reading to find out how I can help you.

In my portrait photography I see my job as not simply taking a set of beautiful pictures but to create a story about you with my photos that will look and feel in a way that matches your personality.

Don't worry if you have no experience being professionally photographed. I will keep you in motion most of the time during our photoshoot, sometimes with just a little direction from myself, allowing you to act in a way that is natural and comfortable for you, which will lead to flattering and candid photos.

Sometimes you don't need any special occasion to book a photoshoot and get nice photos. To celebrate your life or your relationship, save memories for yourselves and your next generations. These photos will make you smile and feel nostalgic many years after.

“Previously I was not that person who really liked all these professional photo sessions but now I am even picturing new ideas in my head for the next one. And that’s because Mykola is super easy to work with. I like this approach “just to be in a moment” where you may just walk or leap or swirl around and Mykola does all his job. During the photo shoot I felt comfortable and relaxed as if me and Mykola are good friends.”

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