For three glorious days, I had the privilege of documenting these fusion wedding events of Nikita and Qassim, a celebration that became an immersive experience of love, family, and cultural vibrancy.

The festivities began at Nikita's home with cultural pre-wedding events and the wedding ceremony and reception took place at the picturesque Northbrook Park.

I will start this story from the wedding day itself. Scroll to the very end to check out some energetic shots from the vibrant pre-wedding events.

Wedding Day

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos from Nikita and Qassim's wedding day the same as we enjoyed capturing them. And here's the story of the pre-wedding events.

Maiyan Ceremony

It all began with the Maiyan ceremony, a delightful pre-wedding ritual. Laughter and warmth filled the air as loved ones gathered to shower the bride with a paste of turmeric and other natural ingredients.

Witnessing this ceremony allowed me, as a wedding photographer, to get to know NIkita's family better and to capture a glimpse into the love and joy that would fill the following celebratory days.

Pre-Wedding Party

On the second day of their festivities, Nikita and Qassim had their pre-wedding party.

Firstly, Nikita had her Mehndi - the ceremony where the bride gets her hands and feet decorated with intricate henna designs.

And later both families joined together for beautiful celebrations - a great way to get to know each other's families and cultures. Nikita had her Choora ceremony. It adorns the bride with vibrant bangles, called chooda, signifying blessings and prosperity. The bangles were placed by Nikita's maternal uncles, they symbolize her new marital status and are a poignant reminder of her family's love.

This day of celebrations ended with Jago Night, a whirlwind of vibrant energy and playful teasing. The air buzzed with the joyful chaos of family and friends. As the decorated Jago pot, a symbol of joy and warding off evil spirits, was passed amongst the lively crowd, I captured the infectious laughter and unbridled excitement that promised a joyous wedding celebration to come.

Venue: Northbrook Park

Second Photographer: Vitaliy Turovskyy

Hair: Katya Valentina

Makeup: Kareem Jarche Makeup

Mehndi: Bhavi's Mehndi

Jewellery: Red Dot Jewels

Bride's Outfit: Frontier Raas

Groom's Outfit: Estie Couture, Seema Gujral

Choorah: SK London

Florals: Little & Bloom

Caterer: la Frescho

DJ: DJ Schola

Production: Divine Musiq

Fairy Lights: Farnham Sound & Lights

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