Sonya was so excited when telling me her and Alessio's story, that I felt connection with this couple straight away, when Sonya contacted me. Soon we met to chat all together with Alessio on a video call and they both were speaking about each other with such love and admiration. I fell in love with this couple.

Sonya and Alessio chose an iconic Old Marylebone Town Hall for their civil wedding. Opened in 1920 it became a place where many famous people got married, including Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Sir Paul McCartney (twice). The building has seven beautiful rooms which can host from eight (the Paddington Room) to one hundred (the Westminster Room) seated guests.

The light inside each of the rooms is beautiful regardless time of the day and season of the year, due to special custom made light fixtures that produce fine and soft light.

The staff in Old Marylebone Town Hall are highly professional and friendly at the same time. All the weddings are precisely scheduled and coordinated. Staff work like special forces, communicating with each other through walkie-talkies and are ready to guide and help you at any time, offering reasonable flexibility with the time, when the schedule allows.

Sonya's getting ready and the wedding lunch was at the Haymarket Hotel. The hotel is situated in the prime location. Each room is individually and beautifully designed.

“...We were blown away by the final photos. They are so natural and captured so much emotion. Our guests praised Mykola for being so friendly and non intrusive. Thank you Mykola for being so awesome!”

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